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The Feldenkrais Method engages the nervous system using very gentle, easy movements that help you to change your habits and allow you to move more efficiently, gracefully, and comfortably. You will feel better, move better, and even think better!

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Whatever your goal....to run faster, improve your fencing moves, or just get back to doing what you love to do...the Feldenkrais Method will help you to get there. And you will feel more relaxed and ready to meet life's challenges in the process.

Feldenkrais Meets Metatron

The last couple of years have been truly exciting, as I have been integrating my Metatronic work into my Feldenkrais practice. Since I don’t know anyone else who is doing this, I have not known what to expect. Fortunately, both of my trainings have taught me that being comfortable in “not knowing” is essential to a successful practice. Embodying this concept has been making this integration not only possible but extremely successful in bringing my work to an even deeper level.

Walking on eggshells around your child? Don’t!

Tantruming Child

Do you have to walk on eggshells around your child, careful not to set him or her off in the wrong direction? Do you find yourself trying to gauge your child’s response to many daily activities ahead of time so you are prepared for every possible outburst? Sure, there are tantruming stages, and we all have to figure out how to handle those, but if the micromanaging goes way beyond a stage and has become part of your daily routine, maybe it is something to take a good look at. It is not only stressful for you and your child. It is stressful for the whole family!

It’s about physical well being. It’s about emotional well being. It’s about being in sync with who you are.

Yes… It is true that Feldenkrais engages the nervous system to make changes in the brain and changes in the physical self. The misunderstanding that I find the most frequently is that the work stops there. Many people will limit their explorations of the benefits of Feldenkrais to the physical. However, its reaches go far beyond that. When I hook into the nervous system at the beginning of a session, I simultaneously hook into the energy system, which gives the person on the table an opportunity to make changes on many different levels.

We need to help the WHOLE CHILD!! When?...NOW!

Autistic boy avoids eye contact

When we receive a diagnosis for one of our children, we are encouraged to target individual symptoms rather than providing the child with support on a systemic level. PT for coordination and strength, OT for fine motor, Speech. But what if we actually worked on the control center of all of these things...the BRAIN?!

Did you know that Feldenkrais can improve your child's speech?

Children desperately want to communicate. When children cannot communicate using words or signs, they are frustrated and often not very happy. It is not merely a matter of modeling language for them, since they live in a world filled with constant communication. Instead, it is a matter to take up with the brain! The Feldenkrais Method uses movement to create new neural pathways in the brain, and for most children this means improvement not only in movement, but in speech and learning.

New Brain Research Points to the Efficacy of the Feldenkrais Method!

There has been a revolution in brain science over the past twenty years. Scientists have discovered that we continue to forge new connections in our brains throughout our lives! This is huge, as before this, it was widely believed that during middle age, we began to lose brain cells and brain function until we finally reached a form of second childhood in our old age. Norman Doige, MD, was one of the first doctors to bring this to the public in a very readable form. If you have not read The Brain that Changes Itself, his first book on the subject, then you should.

Turning the Learning Switch "on"! using The Feldenkrais Method™

Baby pulling toes

Curiosity is the key to learning. Think about how entranced a baby gets when she "finds" her hands and her feet. There is this fascination with the movement of the fingers as the baby begins to realize that these are part of her. That fascination with movement and attention to herself creates a healthy environment for learning. This comes about spontaneously for most children, but some children need a little help to spark this kind of exploration and interest that leads to early learning. The Feldenkrais Method™ allows a child to find her curiosity by focusing on all of the healthy parts of her rather than focusing on the places of difficulty.

We do our best learning when there is someone there to point out all of the things we are doing right and to encourage us to keep going. Instead, when a therapist or a parent tries to open the tightened fist of a child with cerebral palsy, he is engaging with the child from the place of her greatest difficulty. None of us does our best learning under these circumstances. Think of something that is not easy for you to learn. Then imagine that your teacher constantly brings this to your attention, no matter what you are trying to learn. Do you think you would learn efficiently? Would you grow to love learning and to seek it out in your world? Probably not.

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