Nora Kate's Story

child on bike Fifteen years ago, I had never even heard of Feldenkrais. I would have been one of the many people saying Feldenwhat?? But then, our beautiful daughter Nora Kate was born and diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

We started right away with all of the typical therapies available through the Early Intervention program. But when Nora Kate began crying hysterically through each of her PT sessions, we knew something needed to change. It was then that we found the Feldenkrais Method™. This Method has dramatically changed Nora Kate's life, as well as my own. Funny how our children can send us in a completely different direction than we thought we were headed!

When we first started taking Nora Kate to New York City for Feldenkrais lessons, I watched as her Feldenkrais practitioner, Marcy Lindheimer, moved her in very gentle ways, but I had no idea what she was doing, really. Then during her third or fourth lesson, Marcy explained to me that she was working on certain movements so that some day, Nora Kate would be able to stand up in the middle of the room without holding onto anything. You know what? Just three hours later, Nora Kate stood up in the middle of my parents' kitchen without holding onto anything! What clearer proof could anyone ask for that these lessons were really working.
Lynn Kenny

The changes didn't stop there. Nora Kate became more expressive and so much more verbal in just a short time. I felt so deeply moved by the changes I saw and so grateful that whenever I got the chance, I began to talk to people about Feldenkrais. Then one day, someone asked me, "so why aren't you doing this work?" And to be honest, I had never even considered it. I was, after all, a high school English teacher, not a movement specialist. But that one question changed the course of my life.

After 6 years of intensive study at The Feldenkrais Institute of New York, I can proudly say that I am both a teacher and a movement specialist. And more importantly, I love what I do, and I believe in it wholeheartedly! So, every time someone comes up to me to ask what we have done differently with Nora Kate, I can offer some truly valuable answers.