Awareness Through Movement

Student Rolling
My Awareness Through Movement classes are an opportunity to explore a series of gentle movements as I guide your attention. As you become more aware of how to make each movement a movement of the whole body, you will find ease, grace, and relaxation.

'The lessons are designed to improve ability, to expand the boundaries of the possible, to turn the impossible into the possible, the difficult into the easy and the easy into the pleasant'.-Moshe Feldenkrais

I frequently remind my students to move slowly and to find an easy range of movement for themselves. It is in this easy range that the awareness increases, the learning takes place and the habits begin to shift. At the end of each lesson, students walk slowly around the room sensing the differences they feel and smiling warmly as they appreciate their feelings of ease and relaxation.

These lessons employ innovative, sophisticated movement sequences that address every area of the body and all aspects of human functioning, helping you to make improvements that carry over to all aspects of your life.

No matter what it is you enjoy doing, Awareness Through Movement classes will help you to do it even better!