Did you know that Feldenkrais can improve your child's speech?

Children desperately want to communicate. When children cannot communicate using words or signs, they are frustrated and often not very happy. It is not merely a matter of modeling language for them, since they live in a world filled with constant communication. Instead, it is a matter to take up with the brain! The Feldenkrais Method uses movement to create new neural pathways in the brain, and for most children this means improvement not only in movement, but in speech and learning. If you ask a group of parents whose children receive Feldenkrais lessons about the changes they saw in their children, improved speech would come up again and again and again. And once those pathways have been forged, it is a whole new world for these children. Frustration turned to curiosity is an incredible vehicle for learning! Children begin to explore the world around them with new vigor, which leads to further improvement in the brain, and this loop goes on and on. Fortunately, many of these changes can begin in the first few lessons, which means brighter eyes, smiles and words in no time!