Feldenkrais Meets Metatron

The last couple of years have been truly exciting, as I have been integrating my Metatronic work into my Feldenkrais practice. Since I don’t know anyone else who is doing this, I have not known what to expect. Fortunately, both of my trainings have taught me that being comfortable in “not knowing” is essential to a successful practice. Embodying this concept has been making this integration not only possible but extremely successful in bringing my work to an even deeper level.
In my Feldenkrais practice, I had access to the nervous system, the skeletal system and the muscular system. Engaging with these systems brought about global, life-altering changes for my clients, young and old. I was amazed at the efficacy and the intelligence of the work. The Metatronic Training brings with it access to the energy system as well, allowing me to lift some of the stories lodged in the body as I am working to alleviate the problems they may have caused.
We often come at a problem wondering whether it was the chicken or the egg! Did this one thing cause that other thing or did that other thing cause this one thing? As a Feldenkrais practitioner, knowing the answer to that never really mattered. However, now I am able to bring the whole cycle up for healing rather than one part or the other. Since our systems are interwoven in ways we are yet to understand, the more systems we can effectively access at once, the deeper the healing will go. So the physical symptoms are lifting and so are the emotions and stories that have been getting in our way and stopping us from moving forward as freely as we would like. I will continue with this integrative healing work as I continue along the Metatronic Pathway, and I am truly excited to see where it leads me next!