It’s about physical well being. It’s about emotional well being. It’s about being in sync with who you are.

Yes… It is true that Feldenkrais engages the nervous system to make changes in the brain and changes in the physical self. The misunderstanding that I find the most frequently is that the work stops there. Many people will limit their explorations of the benefits of Feldenkrais to the physical. However, its reaches go far beyond that. When I hook into the nervous system at the beginning of a session, I simultaneously hook into the energy system, which gives the person on the table an opportunity to make changes on many different levels. During every lesson, I encounter energy blocks that come up to be released as well as finding places where people no longer know they can have movement, places that come up to be remapped in the brain. During some sessions, there are words or phrases that come up for the person that have something to do with how they can support themselves emotionally or what they need to let go of in order to heal. I guess the bottom line is that the Feldenkrais sessions that I do for people are healing sessions not healing one thing or the other, but helping to heal the whole person.
Too often, people walk into offices with ailments, and then the professional in the room proceeds to limit their observations to that one place where the person has a complaint. Unfortunately, that is a Band-Aid approach that we need to abandon if we are to become a healthier society. We need to start looking at the whole person whenever we are looking at one part of a person. One part holds a fraction of the story, and knowing only a fraction of the story certainly limits the healing that can take place.
Sometimes there are tears, sometimes elation. Sometimes there is an aha moment where everything becomes clear. Other times, there is such a newness to everything that it seems the person must learn how to walk again, a feeling that many of my clients have had the pleasure of experiencing more than once. Life is about growth. Feldenkrais is about supporting growth. You never know where the improvement will be the most noticeable. But what you can be certain of is that there will be noticeable improvement.