Private Sessions: a.k.a. Functional Integration

Private lessons, also called Functional Integration™ (FI) lessons, can look very different for children and adults, though the ideology remains the same. Younger children play on the table as I work with them. Though I have heard parents express some doubt that their child will sit and play for close to an hour, the children always rise to the occasion. They realize that they are in a very safe space and begin to register the freedom this method affords them right away!

As I work, I am listening very closely to where the child feels ease. I work hard to stay within those boundaries because children and adults both learn much more effectively from their places of ease than from their places of difficulty. This is a sharp departure from many other methods that go directly to the problem area and work there. Since I am interested in engaging with the person’s nervous system rather than the skeletal or muscular systems, this is key.

And the results are global. The changes go far beyond the changes seen in mobility and ease, though these certainly are right there to be seen and felt. But the changes go deeper into their systems so that parents begin to notice improvements in every aspect of their child’s life, from behavior and learning to emotional availability, to gross motor, fine motor and speech and beyond. It is such a wonderful process to see unfold because not only are the changes global, but they can be seen very early on in the process, as early as the first lesson! And they simply keep building from there!

If you are an adult, I will most often be set you up in a lying position on the table. Getting you very comfortable and out of gravity will give you the opportunity to let go of your habits and find ease more quickly. I use pillows, towels and blankets to support you so I can freely engage with your neurological and energy systems and begin a healing process that will enable you to lead a fuller, more active life. During a lesson, I listen with my hands for pathways of ease, places where connections flow freely and places where they have been interrupted and need to be put back in place. It is a whole system approach to healing, because true healing doesn’t happen in one system or another but in the whole being. If you come to me with a lower back problem, I will not be treating your lower back. I will instead be looking at the whole system so I can better understand the sources of the issue at hand. Lower back pain does not often originate in the lower back so limiting the treatment to that place of discomfort may lead to some temporary relief but will not get to a more lasting solution. My work is concerned with lasting progress that leaves my clients feeling lighter, freer, more connected and energetic, and yes, of course, free of pain! So, you will get your relief from pain, and you will gain so much more in the process! I hear comments like, “I feel like I can fly!” and “This is the highlight of my week. I just feel so good every time I leave here.”
I am here to help people along, but I am also here to teach them how to bring awareness out into their lives so they can begin to recognize some of the habits that keep them from feeling whole and free. So, at the end of a lesson, I will give you some ideas of how to best carry what you have learned out into your life so that the learning can continue between sessions. As much as I enjoy my clients, my job is to guide them in their healing process until they are able to continue the process on their own. Perhaps I will point them towards an Awareness Through Movement class for continued support or they will choose to do some audio lessons on their own. One thing I know...when they leave my studio, they leave with the tools they need to lead inspired lives! I don’t believe in giving up activities with every passing decade and neither do they. In fact, most of my clients go back to doing the things they loved to do when they were younger, activities they never thought they would be able to take part in again. Why shouldn’t we open up our repertoire as we get older rather than narrowing it down? Our culture teaches us to expect certain activities to drop out of our lives as we age, and I am here to teach you otherwise. Come see me if you want to continue to blossom as you age!

Private Session

No two FI lessons are ever the same because each one is tailored to a student's individual needs at that particular moment. Although there is much learning going on during each lesson, the learning happens under the surface so that it is never necessary for a student to memorize a certain way to carry him or herself. It is enough for the student to be aware of any differences he or she feels throughout the lesson. It is through this increased sense of awareness that habitual patterns can be broken and more fluid, effective movement patterns made available. This branch of the Method is recognized for its abilities to address serious neurological and muscular problems, as well as chronic pain, stress, and tension. Results from these lessons can be both immediate and profound.

The cost of a Private session Is $95 for a child and $100 for an adult. However, a sliding scale is available when there is a need. I am here to help people first and foremost, so please call if special arrangements need to be made.

These lessons have been effective with all of the following and more:

  • chronic pain of the back, neck, hip, knee, or foot
  • frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, repetitive stress injury, and TMJ
  • recovery from an injury or rehabilitation following surgery
  • neurological disorders or events such as Parkinson's Disease, MS, stroke, autism, Cerebral Palsy, and many more
  • genetic disorders such as Down's Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, Spinal Muscular Dystrophy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, and many more
  • learning disabilities
  • scoliosis and tortocolis
  • brain injuries