We need to help the WHOLE CHILD!! When?...NOW!

Autistic boy avoids eye contact

When we receive a diagnosis for one of our children, we are encouraged to target individual symptoms rather than providing the child with support on a systemic level. PT for coordination and strength, OT for fine motor, Speech. But what if we actually worked on the control center of all of these things...the BRAIN?!
The brain is the organizer of everything, so that when we make changes there, they are systemic and the child can begin to use them right away in all aspects of their daily lives, not just learning one skill. We don't need to teach them skills so much as we need to teach them how to learn!! When we do this, it goes way beyond skills. It lights up their eyes and adds to their sense of vitality, their sense of self and to their awareness of themselves and the world around them. It makes things possible that were never possible before!! Refine their skills later...First, take care of the BRAIN!!
When problems are caught early and the child is given support on a neurological level, so many doors open and so much becomes possible. Kids diagnosed with Autism or Spectrum Disorders can receive a change in diagnosis and place themselves off the Spectrum! Children with undiagnosed delays are suddenly catching up. Children who aren't speaking begin to put sentences together. This is why I do what I do. The Feldenkrais Method changed our Nora Kate's life. (See Nora Kate's Story on the About Lynn page.) Now my ❤️ is to help other children reach their true potential.