For many years, I have tried –and failed --to learn to use my mind to relax my body. Until I found Lynn Kenny's Feldenkrais class. Five or six of us meet once a week in a bright, warm, clean, peaceful and safe studio space with shiny wooden floors. For an hour and a half we lay quietly on the floor and listen to Lynn guide our thoughts and bodies through a series of subtle, slow and powerful movement.

Each week we focus on a different part of the body, which always results in a deeper understanding of how our smallest, most separate movements are connected into our larger body of movement. We leave smiling, moving more fluidly, and always in a deep state of relaxation. I have learned to use this awareness of movement during my rushed and busy life to relieve stress and anxiety and have learned to use my mind to relax my body.

I am deeply grateful to Lynn and our community of Feldenkrais students for this precious little island of peace.


Through Lynn Kenny's classes I have finally achieved relief. I have been taking them about a year and a half and am now a committed student. The gentle, slow movements done with awareness bring the body into relaxation and healing.

Further I have become aware of how the body moves in synchronicity; arms, neck, etc. are not isolated limbs and muscles but part of the gestalt. Relaxing and letting the movement flow through the body without forcing it from an individual part results in less strain; pain and tension are released. A very subtle learning and unlearning process takes place which carries over into everyday movement.

Now as soon as I come in from snow blowing, shoveling or gardening, I hit the floor. I do what movements I can remember from the classes. What a difference! In the moment and the following day. The Method works for me! It is the training of moving and relaxing in and with awareness. Now if I could only discipline myself to hit the floor before I go out to work!

Thank you, Lynn!
Thank you, Moshe Feldenkrais!
And thank me for giving Feldenkrais a go!

Sandra Bonham

At this point in my life, I only want to do things that make me happy or feel good, and Feldenkrais does both of these! Because of these classes, I have an awareness of how I move and of how important my posture is, that I never would have had without them.


We began looking for alternative treatments when she was around 3, and after some time found Lynn and Feldenkrais. Our daughter now smiles and sings through her sessions (or lessons!). She has become more mobile with this gentle, developmental approach, and has even had a tremendous improvement in her speech! We only wish we had known about Feldenkrais sooner!

Amanda Tirado